The Calling: A True Story of Faith, Hope & Love

Monica Mary Job was one of only a few women doctors to graduate from university in the 1930s, and, as a descendant from a long line of missionaries, Monica inspired Stanley Prescott to leave England for missionary work in China – a decision made without forewarning of World War II and the Japanese occupation of China.

‘I met Stanley while I was in medical school. He was a lecturer in physiology and pharmaceutics. I had already done physiology at that stage and so he did not lecture me. But he passed through the medical school a lot. And he saw my fair curly hair. And that was it. He decided he had to marry that girl.’

This biography draws extensively on letters written by both Monica and Stanley as well as newspaper clippings, interviews and family lore to bring Monica and Stanley’s story to life. Their shared story spanned three continents and four decades, and it is part of a greater story of faith, hope and love.

This is a loving tribute—in the form of a biography—by their granddaughter Professor Susan Prescott who followed their lead into a distinguished medical career.

Thanks to the generosity of the author Susan L Prescott, we have copies of The Calling for sale for $5. Full proceeds go to our museum.